Something’s coming…

That time when you were just about to give up and then… You’ve worked hard on creating your plan, your vision for the business you have built/are building, you’ve done the hiring, the training and (joy, of joys) you have clients and customers and YOU are in demand. So you work and work – lettingContinue reading “Something’s coming…”

Sept. 2-3, 2020 – A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane… Part 2

Part 2 – Today is the WHY… If you don’t pay attention to your business, your business isn’t going to PAY YOU! When five and a half feet of the Atlantic Ocean washes through your property, you should take it as a sign. I had to take it as an opportunity to look at whatContinue reading “Sept. 2-3, 2020 – A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane… Part 2”

A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane…

Posts in this category are two-parters: Today is the back story; tomorrow is the WHY behind the hint… It was around 7:30pm on October 29, 2012. I just finished preparing Martha Stewart’s famous Brick Chicken and I made the huge mistake of checking my phone to see the video feed coming from our store. IContinue reading “A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane…”

Anchors & Engines

Coaches need coaches.  Any coach that tells you they don’t need a coach themselves is probably a coach you should run away from.  Not nice, I know, but true.  I have had some really awesome coaches and I have had some not so awesome coaches.  I have had a coach that sold me on everythingContinue reading “Anchors & Engines”

The Power of Connecting

Anyone who tells you that working on your own, being a solo-preneur, or anything where you are the chief-in-charge is a SOLO show is out of their minds! There – I said it.  If you think for one minute that you have no one to answer to – well get that out of your headContinue reading “The Power of Connecting”

Creating a new space…

Creating a new space, based on your old space. Expanding on opportunities that are really right in front of you but you may never have noticed them. Multiple weeks of lockdowns and self-isolation from all that we do have given all of us time to think.  Some of us have become wonderful home school teachers,Continue reading “Creating a new space…”

Want an awesome outcome? Do this!

So you set up a plan for an idea you have.  Have you thought out all the steps? Do you have to? Should you? In all actuality, having a plan is ideal.  It allows for steps to be created and planned for in an orderly or timeline management style.  You can set benchmarks and lookContinue reading “Want an awesome outcome? Do this!”

Jane Parmel featured on #WSATV Women Leaders’ Interview

  Two and a half weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to be on the Women Speakers Association WSA-TV’s series “Women of Influence & Impact Inspiring Global Transformation”.  In this episode of this series, the focus was on “Clarity & Expansion” and featured Jennifer S. Wilkov and me – both members of the WomenContinue reading “Jane Parmel featured on #WSATV Women Leaders’ Interview”

Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

Coming out of the downturn that has hit us on a broad-spectrum level, you have to have a plan. A plan without a goal is just a dream. While we sit home for the next few weeks, business owners should use this time to learn, plan and pivot for the future – of your businessContinue reading “Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan”