Just keep swimming…

My first paid job was sitting pool side as an attendant. I sat for hours waiting for members of a very exclusive club on the East Side of Manhattan to come in, spend some time swimming, then go back to their busy, fast-paced lives. I would give them an all importnat towel and show them … Continue reading Just keep swimming…

Anchors & Engines

Coaches need coaches.  Any coach that tells you they don't need a coach themselves is probably a coach you should run away from.  Not nice, I know, but true.  I have had some really awesome coaches and I have had some not so awesome coaches.  I have had a coach that sold me on everything … Continue reading Anchors & Engines

Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

Coming out of the downturn that has hit us on a broad-spectrum level, you have to have a plan. A plan without a goal is just a dream. While we sit home for the next few weeks, business owners should use this time to learn, plan and pivot for the future - of your business … Continue reading Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

What I do and who I do it for….

WHAT I DO: I help people in business bring foundational structure to their business; helping entrepreneurs navigate through the step-by-step processes needed to take their dreams to reality. For established business owners, managers and executives, I offer programs to eliminate the three biggest wastes: inefficient staffing, production flow & time management. With planning, I work … Continue reading What I do and who I do it for….

Introducing…….. Jane Parmel

Jane has quite a colorful background encompassing varied life and work experiences. Jane was an educator, coordinating many after-school programs, while continuing to be an active volunteer in both her church and community.  For twenty-five years, Jane and her partner, Rae Russo, ran a successful event management company. Running a small business in New York … Continue reading Introducing…….. Jane Parmel