What a pain in the wallet!!!

I can't charge that much... Who do you think you are charging those prices? Why should I pay you that kind of money? Have you heard those lines? Have you said those lines? I have. For myself, about my business, for my clients. And you know what? Most people have no idea what they should … Continue reading What a pain in the wallet!!!

The Wrong Room

Never be intimidated by someone's intelligence; harness their strengths to compliment yours, for the good of the company. My mother and father pushed the school narrative.  My first-grade report card was all "E's" [Straight A's equivalent for a six-year-old] and the teacher told my parents that I loved to learn. My parents were both high … Continue reading The Wrong Room

Anchors & Engines

Coaches need coaches.  Any coach that tells you they don't need a coach themselves is probably a coach you should run away from.  Not nice, I know, but true.  I have had some really awesome coaches and I have had some not so awesome coaches.  I have had a coach that sold me on everything … Continue reading Anchors & Engines

Think of Yourself as Peanut Butter

Here's a sticky subject... "I got it." "Why bother letting so-and-so do it? I'll only wind up doing it over again myself." "Just give it to me - I'll do it." And here's my favorite... "I have to do everything!" How many times have you heard these lines? How many times have you said them … Continue reading Think of Yourself as Peanut Butter

The Power of Connecting

Anyone who tells you that working on your own, being a solo-preneur, or anything where you are the chief-in-charge is a SOLO show is out of their minds! There - I said it.  If you think for one minute that you have no one to answer to - well get that out of your head … Continue reading The Power of Connecting

Creating a new space…

Creating a new space, based on your old space. Expanding on opportunities that are really right in front of you but you may never have noticed them. Multiple weeks of lockdowns and self-isolation from all that we do have given all of us time to think.  Some of us have become wonderful home school teachers, … Continue reading Creating a new space…


People have been asking me a lot of questions about how we go forward from here - post-self-isolating, hoping for the best, preparing for the... Hey, what could be worse than what we have already been through? Relatively, people have passed, political jockeying still goes on, economies are hit hard, and business people, especially small, … Continue reading BRAVA!!

Want an awesome outcome? Do this!

So you set up a plan for an idea you have.  Have you thought out all the steps? Do you have to? Should you? In all actuality, having a plan is ideal.  It allows for steps to be created and planned for in an orderly or timeline management style.  You can set benchmarks and look … Continue reading Want an awesome outcome? Do this!