Brand v.s Marketing v.s. Advertising

Stuff they may not have told you when you started in business… In’s Business Playbook, the difference between the three is this: advertising can enhance brand awareness, while branding drives the style and direction of advertising campaigns. Marketing can manage brand accountability and shore up a brand’s reputation, in addition to promoting ad campaigns. Advertising is the part of marketing that focuses on acquiring customers or clients and whatContinue reading “Brand v.s Marketing v.s. Advertising”

Something’s coming…

That time when you were just about to give up and then… You’ve worked hard on creating your plan, your vision for the business you have built/are building, you’ve done the hiring, the training and (joy, of joys) you have clients and customers and YOU are in demand. So you work and work – lettingContinue reading “Something’s coming…”

Sept. 2-3, 2020 – A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane… Part 2

Part 2 – Today is the WHY… If you don’t pay attention to your business, your business isn’t going to PAY YOU! When five and a half feet of the Atlantic Ocean washes through your property, you should take it as a sign. I had to take it as an opportunity to look at whatContinue reading “Sept. 2-3, 2020 – A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane… Part 2”

A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane…

Posts in this category are two-parters: Today is the back story; tomorrow is the WHY behind the hint… It was around 7:30pm on October 29, 2012. I just finished preparing Martha Stewart’s famous Brick Chicken and I made the huge mistake of checking my phone to see the video feed coming from our store. IContinue reading “A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane…”