Creating a new space…

Creating a new space, based on your old space. Expanding on opportunities that are really right in front of you but you may never have noticed them. Multiple weeks of lockdowns and self-isolation from all that we do have given all of us time to think.  Some of us have become wonderful home school teachers,Continue reading “Creating a new space…”

What I do and who I do it for….

WHAT I DO: I help people in business bring foundational structure to their business; helping entrepreneurs navigate through the step-by-step processes needed to take their dreams to reality. For established business owners, managers and executives, I offer programs to eliminate the three biggest wastes: inefficient staffing, production flow & time management. With planning, I workContinue reading “What I do and who I do it for….”

Introducing…….. Jane Parmel

Jane has quite a colorful background encompassing varied life and work experiences. Jane was an educator, coordinating many after-school programs, while continuing to be an active volunteer in both her church and community.  For twenty-five years, Jane and her partner, Rae Russo, ran a successful event management company. Running a small business in New YorkContinue reading “Introducing…….. Jane Parmel”