What a pain in the wallet!!!

I can't charge that much... Who do you think you are charging those prices? Why should I pay you that kind of money? Have you heard those lines? Have you said those lines? I have. For myself, about my business, for my clients. And you know what? Most people have no idea what they should … Continue reading What a pain in the wallet!!!

Want an awesome outcome? Do this!

So you set up a plan for an idea you have.  Have you thought out all the steps? Do you have to? Should you? In all actuality, having a plan is ideal.  It allows for steps to be created and planned for in an orderly or timeline management style.  You can set benchmarks and look … Continue reading Want an awesome outcome? Do this!

Know. Like. Trust.

“We have been home like never before.” Not true. We, this generation – most probably will answer "yes". Watch one episode of any TV Western-themed TV series of the 1960's or 1970's, and you can see that we are not the first set of humans on the planet to go through a time where travel … Continue reading Know. Like. Trust.

Responsibility. Communication. Education.

Over the last two days, I posted these three words on my Facebook Page. Separately in individual posts. Responsibility. Communication. Education. Each word taken separately means a lot. Brought together, these three words are the cornerstone for building a great leader. Leaders can take on a lot of different responsibilities. The responsibilities associated with products, … Continue reading Responsibility. Communication. Education.

Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

Coming out of the downturn that has hit us on a broad-spectrum level, you have to have a plan. A plan without a goal is just a dream. While we sit home for the next few weeks, business owners should use this time to learn, plan and pivot for the future - of your business … Continue reading Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

What I do and who I do it for….

WHAT I DO: I help people in business bring foundational structure to their business; helping entrepreneurs navigate through the step-by-step processes needed to take their dreams to reality. For established business owners, managers and executives, I offer programs to eliminate the three biggest wastes: inefficient staffing, production flow & time management. With planning, I work … Continue reading What I do and who I do it for….

Introducing…….. Jane Parmel

Jane has quite a colorful background encompassing varied life and work experiences. Jane was an educator, coordinating many after-school programs, while continuing to be an active volunteer in both her church and community.  For twenty-five years, Jane and her partner, Rae Russo, ran a successful event management company. Running a small business in New York … Continue reading Introducing…….. Jane Parmel

What Jae Rae Associates, Inc. is all about

Helping business owners achieve more profit, clarity and freedom in their business. Helping caregivers find more resources, find peace of mind and answers from professionals. Helping people who want to share their message through education set-up curriculums, events and online programs for their audience. Changing mindsets, providing resources and marketing your purpose is our aim.