I’m a WSA Global Business Connector!!!

Women Speakers Association serves women in every industry: from small and big business to for-profit and non-profit; from politics to education; from healthcare to Hollywood. Building community for women with a message! Women Speakers Association is THE go-to place for innovative leaders, change-agents and women with a message to connect, collaborate and grow their visibilityContinue reading “I’m a WSA Global Business Connector!!!”

The Power of Connecting

Anyone who tells you that working on your own, being a solo-preneur, or anything where you are the chief-in-charge is a SOLO show is out of their minds! There – I said it.  If you think for one minute that you have no one to answer to – well get that out of your headContinue reading “The Power of Connecting”

Jane Parmel featured on #WSATV Women Leaders’ Interview

  Two and a half weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to be on the Women Speakers Association WSA-TV’s series “Women of Influence & Impact Inspiring Global Transformation”.  In this episode of this series, the focus was on “Clarity & Expansion” and featured Jennifer S. Wilkov and me – both members of the WomenContinue reading “Jane Parmel featured on #WSATV Women Leaders’ Interview”