Just keep swimming…

My first paid job was sitting pool side as an attendant. I sat for hours waiting for members of a very exclusive club on the East Side of Manhattan to come in, spend some time swimming, then go back to their busy, fast-paced lives. I would give them an all importnat towel and show them … Continue reading Just keep swimming…

The Power of Managing

As Gifford Thomas wrote on the Leadership First blog, "some people think a leader should have a complete set of skills, characteristics, and abilities to handle any problem, challenge, or opportunity that comes along. This myth of the "complete leader" can cause stress and frustration for leaders and their teams." As a small business owner, … Continue reading The Power of Managing

Brand v.s Marketing v.s. Advertising

Stuff they may not have told you when you started in business... In TheHartford.com's Business Playbook, the difference between the three is this: advertising can enhance brand awareness, while branding drives the style and direction of advertising campaigns. Marketing can manage brand accountability and shore up a brand's reputation, in addition to promoting ad campaigns. Advertising is the part of marketing that focuses on acquiring customers or clients and what … Continue reading Brand v.s Marketing v.s. Advertising

Business 101: You are NOT Peanut Butter

Here's a sticky subject… "I got it." "Why bother letting so-and-so do it? I'll only wind up doing it over again myself." "Just give it to me - I'll do it." And here's my favorite… "I have to do everything!" How many times have you heard these lines? How many times have you said them … Continue reading Business 101: You are NOT Peanut Butter

Are you a Firestarter?

Getting things done - making a plan and checking off those boxes. Up level and be unstoppable! Are you one of those people that gets things done before others around even get started moving? As a business owner, being comfortable with how you feel about money - understanding your value and being confident in the … Continue reading Are you a Firestarter?