Jane Parmel
  • Chief Change Officer
  • Management Consultant
  • Efficiency & Profitability Coach
  • Speaker
  • #1 International Best Selling Author
  • Host of “The Right Room” and “Phenomenal Message Makers” Podcasts
  • Creator of the ARM’D Program for Food Service Businesses

So let’s talk about me…

I’m Jane.

My mom & dad knew how efficiencies made everything flow. I inherited their love for systems & plans. My bosses were always happy to receive reports from me, neatly done & on time. It served me well in business, but I forgot about the WORK – I was so busy working, I forget to take time for myself & was never sure my business was profitable.

I have been a teacher, coach, lifeguard, fitness trainer, & office manager. At least once a year, in any of those jobs I heard “Could you wait to cash that paycheck?” Even as a business owner, when it was tight, my partner & I skipped a paycheck so there would be enough to pay the staff. I knew there had to be a better way but change is scary. We accepted the “status quo” to “get the job done” because “this is what we do”.

Then Superstorm Sandy hit – it changed everything we knew.

Rethink, reassess, regroup & start again.

I have spent over 30 years in the hospitality and event management industries, which allowed me to work with and for many restauranteurs, caterers, and chefs. They work hard, long hours doing what they love but many of them leave money on the table. Not having time with family, not having enough cash flow and just being exhausted are the complaints I have always heard – together, we can change that.

By recognizing, planning and efficiently managing alternative revenue opportunities, I help owners in the food service industry get back to profitability without sacrificing more of their time. I show owners the whats, whos, and whys and most importantly the hows of using revenue streams that compliment their great food and brand.

Ideally, restaurants & foodservice businesses looking to “Change It Up!” My clients are looking for a way to have more revenue without creating more work. They want to know where the business is, where it can go and to get back some peace of mind. They are looking for a way to take what they have done, their unique vision & realize consistent profitability.

We get a true health checkup of your business; we check processes for efficiencies; we get comfortable talking about money. Then we brainstorm solutions, using the foundations of your authentic brand & build a plan for consistent revenue and increased profit for your business through alternative revenue streams.

SPECIALTIES: Management Consulting, Marketing, Profitability, Signature Systems, Operations, Event Managment

SPEAKING TOPICS: Resiliency Planning, Being a Message Maker, LGBTQ Issues, Women’s Empowerment