Are you a Firestarter?

Getting things done – making a plan and checking off those boxes. Up level and be unstoppable!

Are you one of those people that gets things done before others around even get started moving? As a business owner, being comfortable with how you feel about money – understanding your value and being confident in the value that you bring to your customers is the foundation for success.

2020 has been a year unlike any other in modern times. Entrepreneurs have been stopped dead in their tracks and sidelined by something only a very few could have ever anticipated. Knowing how you business truly operates both on a financial end and a marketing end have been proven crucial to who will come out of this year well and who might have to throw in the towel. But does anyone really have to close up shop?

Reviewing, repositioning and pivoting you business focus are the ways you can show 2020 who’s boss. Evaluating what has been done, what’s worked and what hasn’t from both perspectives – financial and brand authenticity – these are the keys to continued success.

Creating a Profit Plan that can protect and insulate you from economic downturn is crucial. Building client loyalty on the basis of brand credibility; marketing yourself and you company with authenticity and creating momentum for your clients so that they see results immediately can change everything. And having a organized and clearly focused system to deliver to your customers that is structured well, having efficient steps to follow, markers for evaluation and confident pricing will allow you to clearly define you niche market and result in more closed deals.

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As a Business Coach, Jane helps women powerfully transform their businesses (as entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers) by recognizing their value, defining ideal clients & their signature offers, creating a more profitable business through authentic marketing and efficient operations. Together we make your bottom line the high point of your business!  She is also the NY Global Business Connector for the Women Speakers Association, connecting women with resources to help them in their role as a “Message Maker” – clarifying their message or brand, increasing their visibility, and growing their audience. Visit for more information.

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