Something’s coming…

That time when you were just about to give up and then…

You’ve worked hard on creating your plan, your vision for the business you have built/are building, you’ve done the hiring, the training and (joy, of joys) you have clients and customers and YOU are in demand.

So you work and work – letting go of processes & systems that might not work, as well as some employees or partners that don’t fit in with your vision any longer. And the customers continue to call and you continue creating new processes, hiring, training, and working.

You look at your bank accounts, you check all the income, expenses and projections. During the course of a month, year or block of years, you may go from really happy to mildly amused to surprised to desperate in seeing where whatever monies made have gone. And if you can’t figure out why the numbers aren’t where you would have imagined they would be, its time – something’s coming and you best be ready for it.

Have you noticed how much more you get accomplished when you’re accountable to someone who’s holding your feet to the fire? Deadlines, contractual obligations, customers and vendors will hold this power over you. You should have the upper hand in any negotiations or dealing with all of these people. Not sure how to get back in to the “driver’s seat”? It may be time to work with a business coach. A complete business review, planning including a new vision plan for your business and a pathway to true and consistent profitability is what you need. Exponential growth and peace of mind – this is the power of coaching.

As a Business Coach, Jane helps women powerfully transform their businesses (as entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers) by recognizing their value, defining ideal clients & their signature offers, creating a more profitable business through authentic marketing and efficient operations. Together we make your bottom line the high point of your business!  She is also the NY Global Business Connector for the Women Speakers Association, connecting women with resources to help them in their role as a “Message Maker” – clarifying their message or brand, increasing their visibility, and growing their audience. Visit for more information.