A Helpful Handy Hint from your ol’ Aunt Jane…

Start your day off with one, be ready to modify it and end your day with one for tomorrow.

Have a plan.

One of my colleagues put up a social media post this week that said, “If plan A doesn’t work out, you have 25 other letters to go”. It was a post about perseverance. But while perseverance is a noble attribute, without a plan, all the persistency in the world may be wasted energy.

Plans are not hard to do – you want to get from point “A” to point “B”; got a task accomplished; see a result at the end of your labors. You can have simple plans – get this, do that, mission accomplished. And you can have complex plans – flowcharts, diagrams, maps, instructions and more. Whichever route you choose, flexibility has to be part of the plan design as well.

Having a plan when you are in business is vital to the direction your business takes. If you flounder at simple things, big problems, huge tasks and big endeavors may not be expected, not able to be handled, and may cause more stress in an already stressful situation. The foundational organization that comes with any plan can help to mitigate some of the stress one can feel and help build a sense of accomplishment as each step in the plan is completed.

Planning your daily strategy, your hiring strategy, your marketing – all powerful and integral parts of your business. There should also be a plan in place for customer service, financial aspects including pricing and profitability. And plans for business interruption should be clearly designed because you never know when things named Katrina, Sandy or COVID will strike.

Pricing and profitability, backed by a clear understanding of your business’ financial health are key. Make time to create your plan; hire a Business Coach that can assist in getting a plan in place to realize you & your business’ value, make strategic changes to how you look at money and create profits that will increase exponentially year after year. They may even show you some ways to assure your success when others may be losing their heads with financial worries.

As a Business Coach, Jane helps women powerfully transform their businesses (as entrepreneurs, coaches, and speakers) by recognizing their value, defining ideal clients & their signature offers, creating a more profitable business through authentic marketing and efficient operations. Together we make your bottom line the high point of your business!  She is also the NY Global Business Connector for the Women Speakers Association, connecting women with resources to help them in their role as a “Message Maker” – clarifying their message or brand, increasing their visibility, and growing their audience.

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