Want an awesome outcome? Do this!

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So you set up a plan for an idea you have.  Have you thought out all the steps? Do you have to? Should you?

In all actuality, having a plan is ideal.  It allows for steps to be created and planned for in an orderly or timeline management style.  You can set benchmarks and look for all KPI’s; you can analyze and evaluate.  All the things that they teach you in a business school or program can work wonderfully – but if this one thing is missing, an awesome outcome might be out of your reach.

That one thing is mindset.  And a positive mindset at that.

So as the final part of your plan, make a checklist for your mindset.  Include these concepts:

  1.  Are the goals or results you want to achieve and the steps to the plan stated in the positive?
  2.  Are you in control of those steps and the metrics by which you will measure your success?
  3. Are the steps broken down to small, achievable steps?

Clarifying these concepts with a partner, a mentor, a coach, will allow for clarity and confidence and help you push through to attain your goals.  A positive result is practically guaranteed if you have a positive mindset.


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