Jane Parmel featured on #WSATV Women Leaders’ Interview


Two and a half weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to be on the Women Speakers Association WSA-TV’s series “Women of Influence & Impact Inspiring Global Transformation”.  In this episode of this series, the focus was on “Clarity & Expansion” and featured Jennifer S. Wilkov and me – both members of the Women Speakers Association.

It was an incredibly fortunate pairing as I found the information that Jennifer shared so powerful in the way so many points complimented the focus of my answers.

Jennifer reminds us to “Be yourself and be clear about your message. Know why you are doing what you are doing and why what you do brings you so much joy. Do everything that is congruent with what brings you joy and what you value. Learn to say no, with no apology, and build boundaries against those people, places, and things that don’t.”

Jane shares “The greatest thing you can do for your business and your team (even if its just YOU), is to have a plan. To be able to set a path for organizing & “systemizing” your operations with your vision and mission in clear focus gives you the ability to work on the business to increase the number of clients served or products/services offered. Creating this plan allows you to go out and get more business and create opportunities for exponential growth. ”

You can see the entire episode by clicking here.

One of the best things that people can have is a plan. I spent twenty-five years planning parties, events, and meetings but never created an alternate plan or a “Plan B”.  Having clarity on the mission ahead of you by keeping your vision plan in focus by recognizing where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished and what you want for your future allows for the creation of a strong alternate plan.  Setting boundaries and implementing guidelines allows for the systemization of your processes and operations and it allows for a better workflow.  Any person coming into that position should be able to take it over and it’s really to take the pressure off of you as a business owner and lead with more clarity, creating exponential growth.

What I do in terms in terms of coaching is I work with (keyword is WITH) a client to see what they’re doing, what works, to revamp what doesn’t work, to refocus the thought around the process and rebuild refocus, retrain when we need, to see measurable growth.  It may not be explosive growth but it will be exponential growth – it will happen as you go along and as you continue to redo and reassess and refocus. A “Pivot Plan for Profit” will guide you on how to achieve those goals.

You can learn more about Jennifer S. Wilkov by visiting her website, JenniferSWilkov.com.

More information about my coaching programs and individual or group programs for the “Pivot Plan for Profit” program, as well as the program workbook can be found at JaneParmel.com.