Responsibility. Communication. Education.

Over the last two days, I posted these three words on my Facebook Page. Separately in individual posts.




Each word taken separately means a lot. Brought together, these three words are the cornerstone for building a great leader.

Leaders can take on a lot of different responsibilities. The responsibilities associated with products, services, processess and operations; with employees, vendors, contractors, and suppliers; with a team of professionals from the legal, financial and insurance fields – all of these people together to help the “whole” serve their customers and clients. Clear and concise communications to all of those listed as well as shareholders, board of directors and mentors in order to move the business or entity forward is vital. And one’s education has to be thought of as a never-ending process, requiring self-discipline and focus and a hunger for more information to help shape the future of you and your business.

In our “Pivot Plan for Profit” program, we offer three different styles of coaching. The one-to-one coaching package has you and I working directly together, virtually through video calls, in-depth workbook guides and other file sharing software. Group coaching is also available with no more than six people per group so that each participant has more time for input and feedback before, during and after lessons. The One-to-One coaching and the group coaching can be three or six months in duration. Private Facebook groups, private calls, as well as Entrepreneurial Roundtables will be scheduled.

On May 11, 2020, we will be releasing a self-guided program workbook for the “Pivot Plan for Profit” Course. This workbook will have the lessons, worksheets and evaluative criteria to help you design your own “Pivot Plan” by looking at what works, we doesn’t and how to determine how to go from where you and your business are now.

Please visit for more details on each program or to pre-order your copy of the “Pivot Plan for Profit” Self-Guided Workbook before May 11th and use coupon code PREORD10 to receive a $10 discount off the $37 regular price.

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