Your Post-Pandemic Pivot Plan

Coming out of the downturn that has hit us on a broad-spectrum level, you have to have a plan. A plan without a goal is just a dream. While we sit home for the next few weeks, business owners should use this time to learn, plan and pivot for the future – of your business and your life moving forward.

This can take a lot of forms, regardless of where you are on the entrepreneurial trail. Maybe you are at the beginning – just starting and trying to figure which way is up. Maybe you are in the middle – working hard, sometimes seeing the light of day and other times, hitting roadblocks that seem insurmountable. Maybe you are nearing the completion of your journey and trying to exit gracefully and move on to a different level of enjoyment.

Whatever the case is, a plan is vital. This “break in the action” has given most business owners the one thing we all feel that there isn’t enough of – TIME. Take this time to educate yourself – when you can focus without a tremendous amount of distractions. Read that book, sign up for a class, clean up all the paperwork.

We plan – that’s what we do. A quarter century of event planning and management allows for the perfect plan to be designed and the perfect storm to force a change of that plan. Knowing the PIVOT – when to do it, what to do, why you are doing it, how it will affect your team, customers and YOU, and who is carrying this plan out; just like a sports coach, a business coach can help you navigate the rough waters and help you come out on the other side – focused, ready and strong!